Trinity Lutheran Church

Cottage Grove, Oregon

Recorded & Written Services

February 2023 / March 2023

February 26th

Feb 26, 2923 Worship.m4v

January 2023 / February 2023

January 29th

Worship Jan 29 2023-1.m4v

February 5th

Worship Feb 5, 2023-1.m4v

February 12th 

Worship Feb 12, 2023-1.m4v

Turn Volume All the way Up to Hear Pastor & Speakers.

February 19th

Worship Feb 19, 2023-1.m4v

January 2023

January 1st

Worship Jan 1, 2023-1.m4v

January 8th

Jan 8 2023 Worship.mp4

January 15th

Jan 15 2023 Worship.mp4

January 22nd

Jan 22 2023 Worship.mp4

December 2022

December 14th

Advent Worship Dec 14, 2022-1.m4v

December 18th

Worship Dec 18, 2022-1.m4v

December 24th

Worship Dec 24, 2022-1.m4v

December 25th

Worship Dec 25, 2022-1.m4v

November / December 2022

November 30th

Wed Nov 30, 2022-1.m4v

December 4th

Worship Dec 4, 2022-1.m4v

December 7th

Advent Worship Dec 7, 2022-1.m4v

December 11th

Worship Dec 11, 2022-1.m4v

November 2022

November 6th

Worship Nov 6, 2022-1.m4v

November 13th

Worship 111322-1.m4v

Audio does not begin until 2.45 

November 20th

Worship 112022-1.m4v

November 27th

Worship 11272022-1.m4v

October 2022

October 2nd

Worship 100222-1.m4v

October 16th

Worship Oct 16, 2022-1.m4v

October 23rd

Worship Oct 23, 2022-1.m4v

October 30th

Worship Oct 30, 2022-1.m4v

September 2022

September 4th

Worship 090422-1.m4v

September 11th

Worship 09112022-1.m4v

September 18th

Worship 09182022.m4v

September 25th

Worship 09252022-1.m4v

August 2022

August 7th

Worship 080722-1.m4v

August 14th

Worship 081422-1.m4v

July 2022

July 3rd

Worship 070322-1.m4v

July 10th

Worship 071022-1.m4v

July 17th

Worship 071722-1.m4v

July 24th

Worship 072422-1.m4v

July 31st

Worship 073122-1.m4v

June 2022

June 5th

Worship 060522-1.m4v

75th Anniversary

75Th Anniversary 060522-1.m4v

June 12th

Worship 061222-1.m4v

June 26th

Worship 062622.m4v

May 2022

May 1st

Worship 050122.m4v

May 8th

Worship 05082022.m4v

May 15th

Worship 051522.m4v

Memorial Service

Joyce Durham Memorial Service-Video.m4v

for Joyce Durham

May 22nd

Worship 052222.mp4

May 29th

Worship 052922.m4v

April 2022

April 3rd

Worship 040322 Video.m4v

April 6th

April 6, 2022 Video.m4v

April 14th

M. Thurs April 14, 2022-1.m4v

April 15th

G. Friday April 15, 2022-1.m4v

April 17th - Easter

Worship 041722.m4v

April 24th

Worship 042422.m4v

March 2022

March 23rd

Lent March 23, 2022.m4v

March 27th

Worship 032722.m4v

March 30th

Lent March 30, 2022 Video.m4v

March 2nd

Lent March 2, 2022-1.m4v

March 6th

Worship 03062022.m4v

March 13th

Worship 031322.m4v

March 16th

Lent March 16, 2022.m4v

February 2022

February 6th

Worship Feb 06, 2022.m4v

February 13th

Feb 13Th Worship.m4v

February 20th

Worship 022022.m4v

February 27th

02-27-22 Service Video.m4v

January 2022

January 2nd

01-02-22 Service.m4v

January 9th

01-09-22 Service Video.m4v

January 16th

Worship 011622-1.m4v

January 23rd

Worship 012322 Video.m4v

January 30th

01-30-22 Service Video.m4v